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For costumed events of many kinds:

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PAT'S HATS includes eighteen original patterns by Patricia Jones of Santa Barbara, such as the Jester, Fashion Snood, Cavalier, Henry VIII, Pirate,
Huntsman, Beret, Wizard and Spider Wizard, Spiderwoman, Top Hat, Italian Renaissance, and Princess. 
Pat's Hats also includes Capes and Robes using Panné Velvet, Burnout Velvet, or Chiffon.

Pat's Hats are soft, made of the finest quality velvet, silk brocade, or wool, with some wire framing.
Finishing is done by hemming black taffeta lining to an adjustable headband.
In the lining of each Pat's Hat by the label there is a secret pocket, most appropriate in the Wizard or Top Hat for magic tricks.

PAT'S HATS are well known and respected around this country at the major Renaissance Pleasure Faires as quality historical handmade hats and Medieval wiccan cloakes.
The black cavalier with ostrich plume and the court jester in particular are favored.

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